Mating Pair at Rodborough - Mon 6th May

Just a very quick note to say that I saw a mating pair of Dukes at the main colony site on Rodborough Common yesterday. The male had slightly deformed hind wings, that hadn't developed properly, and had apparently been first seen there 3 or 4 days previously. No other Duke sightings, just those two.

Masses of other butterfly activity though, but mainly restricted to this same small, sheltered, area in which the Duke colony is centred. As well as the usual common spring species I saw a Speckled Wood, about 8 or 9 Dingy Skippers and, if I said I had 40 sightings of Green Hairstreaks, I think that would be a gross UNDER-estimate!! Looks like they're going to have a great season!


Hi Simon,
Yesterday I counted 63 Green Hairstreak on a single downland slope near Storrington, West Sussex. Last year a total of only 38 were recorded during the entire season in West and East Sussex. The Greenies have come back with a vengeance!
Best Wishes, Neil

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